What is the Best Network Marketing Software and Book?

The best network marketing software would include several functions. Ideally they would all be interconnected for the most efficient use. It would include a contact management system as well as an autoresponder and POP3 account as well as live, interactive communications ability.
While you can easily find all of these components separately, you really have to search to find a system that includes at least most of them together. The idea here would be to have a relational database. A relational database is one that has all the information in one place so that there is no duplication necessary. The same information can be used in multiple ways and always accessed from one place only.

For example you should only have the name and contact information in one time. This might include name, email and phone much like a Rolodex. The autoresponder would access the email address in order to send pre-written messages. This is set up on a schedule that is tied to a series of messages that are sent automatically typically daily or weekly.

The client could then respond back to you via email if a POP3 account was attached to this. Autoresponders usually only send mail and have no ability to receive mail other than to set up an email alias or a mail forwarder that is used as the return or reply to address on your outgoing message. In this case, you would receive your mail in your regular email account apart from your database.

The best network marketing software would include a contact management system, so that on the clients record you would have a place to record your contact dates, comments about your conversation and future appointments with the client. You may be able to see why having everything in one place would be ideal, as there are quite a few details that would always be linked back to the clients record and plenty of room for confusion if not.

Other functions that would be part of the best network marketing software but that doesn’t necessarily need to be interconnected to your database would be an interactive communication environment. Ideally a web conference room or VoIP group voice/text chat could serve this purpose. Last 3 posts in Building Your Business.

What you will find in a Network Marketing Books

Don’t babysit anyone in your network marketing organization: I know that sounds mean but it is the complete reality. You job as a leader is to make a duplicate-able system available either online or off the internet. The work of each and all of the representatives is to be keen on the system and earn money for themselves that way. Do what you can do to help. However, keep in mind that you must be constantly signing up people also. You will not make money if you get stuck in managing phase.. Constantly recruiting is where you will make most money.. Most of your initial money will come from the bonus.

Be aware of importance of this business: I see lots of undercover network marketers around. It is rather sad because they just don’t know the gold they have in their hand. Once you take the network marketing training industry serious and you realize what it could possibly do for you and your family, you won’t let anyone to discourage you out of it. You will not permit or accept any pessimistic discourse about the network marketing business. Because this is the lone industry where average folks like you and I can become wealthy in a relatively short time.

Do not underestimate the events: When I am talking about events, I am pretty sure you think I am only referring to the international or national events. I’m talking about both the webinars and all type of events. When talking about off the internet, go to every home meeting that you can. Go to every Saturday meeting that you can. The same thing applies to the national events. Do not go their religiously because you think it is a must because you really don’t have to. However, attend because there is something that you can become skilled at every single time. The same idea is applicable to online. Be present at every webinar that you can (even from other MLM company). In terms of motivation, they are effective and you will learn what others are doing that is working.

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